About Pay2c.xyz

Music Discovery & Crowd-Sourced Concert Platform Pay2c will allow:

Touring bands to quickly uncover demand for their music

Fans to win tickets, instigate gigs and pick how much they’d Pay2C them!

Promoters to maximise profit and eliminate risk completely*

* our ticketing engine AI ensures your concert is a sell-out event using a crowd sourced options contract and a series of no-obligation ticket holds, then funds are locked pending artist/promoter linkage with our Pay2C representative in New Zealand (Tom Atkinson tom@funk.co.nz +64212576422), finally after 48 hours they are released or refunded and a new iteration begins to raise further funds either by selling more tickets or by increasing the bids.

How much would you love to see your favourite artist in {{yourcity}}, {{yourcountry}}?

Pay2c links overseas bands with their far-away fans fullscreen

across the entire globe by presently demand for their sounds on a map. This magic is made possible by our Pay2C app verifying the predicted local interest using a rapid series of bands promo image + short audio sample together with Tinder style [Not interested] [Super-like] [Interested] interactions. A Super-like will ask the user “How Much Would You Pay To See X ?” and store this value as a no-obligation hold of their ticket for the gig at that price. The predictions are made custom for each user after scouring through a huge number of music popularity data sources such as API driven social sites (Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook Music Preferences, ReverbNation, MySpace) MRT music recognition technology geo-databases (Shazam, DJ Monitor, Apple Siri), structured data sources (Performing Rights Orgs like APRA/AMCOS, National Charts like RIANZ and the RAP fund, NZOnAir, KUVO etc) using a cleansed and enriched “master artist” database synergised from the GraceNote and Eventful API, with a unique ticketing auction method that will involve an outbound call centre to reach local promoters potentially via language translators, payments to local affiliate champions, and a Tinder-style free ticket incentivised and fun game/points based high-speed sentiment gathering interface with short audio samples heavily integrated (hopefully) with Shazam, with Spotify or Google Play/Apple for short sample audio playback.


* Bands can discover demand for them to tour in places they didn’t expect
* Fans can champion gigs and tours for bands that have never played in the city (or perhaps it was a very long time ago)
* A fun Tinder style card flipping interface will gather music preferences but also encourages participation by offering a free tickets to a) the first person to “champion” their act, and b) the person who guesses as close to 75% of the average price of the gig
* Pay2C will let users pick the price they’d be willing to pay for a concert and has a very unique process with a long gestation period.
* We intend to use local promoters once the crowd funding has past deadlines.